Becorit Friction & Brake Materials

Imported materials for friction drives and high wear operating areas.


Linings for Koepe Winder Drums

BECORIT linings for drive drums are manufactured according to customer dimensional requirements and guarantee a very high coefficient of friction, excellent abrasive resistance and high permissible specific surface pressure.



Linings for Head & Deflection Sheaves

BECORIT linings for rope sheaves are manufactured according to customer requirements and guarantee a gentle guiding of the ropes as a result of a low friction value. Through rotational freedom twisting of the rope is minimised, increasing the lifespan of the rope



Linings for Chairlift & Cable-Railway Systems

Motion of these systems is achieved by means of drive sheaves, in which the ropes are friction-driven. For chairlift systems a high & low friction BECORIT lining is used for the drive and return wheel respectively.

Only through the use of a special synthetic material such as BECORIT can the required traction be guaranteed.





Brake Lining for Various Applications

BECORIT brake pads have distinguished themselves in decades of use through their reliability, long lifespan and guaranteed safety under adverse conditions.


The asbestos free BECORIT brake lining is used in diverse applications:

 - disc brakes & shoe brakes for cable railway systems

 - winder disc brakes

 - calibre brake shoes

 - wind turbines in rotary & azimuth brakes

 - overhead monorail system