Nyrosten Wire Rope Lubrication

Imported preservation & lubrication agents for the most diverse application areas of steel wire ropes in different operation conditions.


Koepe Winder Head & Tail Ropes

NYROSTEN N113 is a specially made intensive rust prevention agent for Koepe friction drive winding ropes in conformity with safety regulations as per DIN 21 258.

It offers a high coefficient of friction, an outstanding anti-corrosion protection and optimal adhesion.


Drum Winding Ropes

NYROSTEN T55 is a universal rust prevention agent for steel wire ropes in a wide variety of applications including wire ropes for cranes, bobbin ropes, guide ropes and drum winding ropes. It has excellent anti-corrosion characteristics – exactly like NYROSTEN N113 – and adhesive power.



Sinking Ropes

The special qualities of NYROSTEN A 19/200 are very good rust prevention properties and application in a very large range of temperatures from -55°C to + 100°C.

Preservation for steel -aluminium overhead ropes, crane steel wire ropes, e.g. at low temperatures.


Dragline Ropes

NYROSTEN N80 BA is a black, bituminous anticorrosive suitable for e.g. steel wire ropes in the fishing industry, for excavator ropes, scraper ropes, heavy hoisting ropes and anchor wires for oil rigs.




In addition to the standard products, special agents for post impregnation (e.g. NYROSTEN N113 FS) and for degreasing of friction winding ropes (FLORIDEAL) are offered. Please Contact Us for more information.